Germanwatch Briefing on the climate summit in Cancún 2010

Excerpt of the "Germanwatch Briefing on the climate summit in Cancún 2010":

Up to the climate summit in Copenhagen, international climate policy followed the strategy to achieve a "big bang" in the form of an international climate agreement covering the commitment period until 2020. At least for the time being, the window of opportunity for such an approach has closed after the moderate results of Copenhagen and the recent political developments in the US. Nevertheless, the UN climate summit in Cancun (29 November - 10 December 2010) must build the foundations for a reasonable new strategy to prevent dangerous climate change. The text presented some days ago by the chair of the LCA working group can - together with a balanced package decision under the Kyoto Protocol - be developed as a good basis for this ground work.

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Christoph Bals
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