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15 April 2015
Cover Participation Handbook
Handbook – Part 1

This handbook by Germanwatch highlights new approaches that have been tested by the partners of the European BESTGRID project. Within BESTGRID, Transmission system operators from Belgium, the UK, Italy and Germany have closely cooperated with national and regional non-governmental organisations. Germanwatch has been following the jointly developed good-practice approaches to early and transparent power grid planning and has compiled its findings in this handbook.

30 June 2014
Cover Sustainable Desert Power
Discussing the future of cross-border renewable electricity exchange between the Southern Mediterranean and Europe

This paper discusses the future of cross-border renewable electricity exchange between Europe and Southern Mediterranean countries as defined under Article 9 of the EU Renewable Energy Directive fr

17 March 2014

One week prior to the European Council of 20/21 March 22 civil society organizations of 9 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries urge the EU heads of government to regain the EU’s former climate leadership by backing progressive 2030 climate and energy targets.

14 November 2013
Cover EU Climate Leadership

The EU is no longer the world leader on climate policies. Other major countries have caught up or even outpaced the EU, a new study conducted by Germanwatch says. Even the U.S. and China now show at least as much headway in their climate change policies as the EU. This situation is highly problematic, as in the past EU climate action did encourage both OECD and Non-OECD countries around the world to take on more ambitious action.

14 April 2013
Results of recent surveys concerning the impact of the EU emissions trading system on companies

This compilation of survey results shows how much companies involved in the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) expect the EU to reform the ailing carbon market – by implementing the backloading proposal of the European Commission as a first step. Respondents are confident that the EU will adopt a 30% emissions reduction target for 2020 as a corner stone of further ETS reform.

07 February 2013
Bild Logos Unternehmensdeklaration
Declaration by Alstom Deutschland AG, Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH, EnBW AG, E.ON SE, Otto GmbH & Co KG, Puma SE in cooperation with Germanwatch e.V.

Today, Germanwatch and six big German and European companies published a declaration in which they call on the German government to support the quick and long-term fix of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). The declaration, signed by Alstom, EnBW, E.ON, Otto, Puma, Shell, and Germanwatch, demands to enhance security for low-carbon investments done and planned. Low prices for CO2 are like posion for them. They therefore urge the German government to act.

Press Release
29 November 2011
Germanwatch presents Global Climate Risk Index at UN climate conference in Durban

While the UN climate summit at Durban has started under the impression of severe local thunderstorms, the climate and development organization Germanwatch publishes its Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) for the seventh time. The index focuses on countries especially affected by weather extremes such as floodings and storms in 2010 and during the past twenty years. The Global Climate Risk Index is based on data collected in the worldwide renowned database at MunichRe.


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