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19 February 2014
Cover General Issues
General issues

This teaching unit focuses on the causes and effects of climate change in general, and the issue of culprits and victims in particular. This basic module should allow the pupils to gain the basic knowledge for the following modules, which are conceived as case studies.

18 February 2014
Cover Glaciers
Glacial lake outburst floods in Nepal and Switzerland

This teaching module not only looks into the problem of glacial melting, but also at the still largely unknown consequences of this development, such as glacial lake outburst floods. Using two case studies, the pupils examine more closely the impacts on and options for action open to an industrialised country (Switzerland) and a developing country (Nepal).

18 February 2014
Cover Sea level rise
Consequences for coastal and lowland areas: Bangladesh and the Netherlands

With this teaching module, the school pupils are given the opportunity to compare and look at the effects of the phenomenon of climate change both in an industrialised and in a developing country.

18 February 2014
Cover Tuvalu
The threat of rising sea levels for the small island nation of Tuvalu

Using a specific case study, pupils learn about the direct consequences of climate change for the inhabitants of a Pacific island state. The teaching module provides general information about climate change as well as looking at an entirely different perspective.

18 February 2014
Cover Rainforests

The lesson modules below address an issue which will already be known to pupils from the lower secondary grades. Tropical rainforests play an important role time and again – and not only in geography lessons.

18 February 2014
Cover Food security
Trends and key challenges

The materials presented here give pupils the opportunity to work through the links between the areas of food security and global climate change. These connections, intensifying as they are in a world of increasing globalisation and constant change, are examined throughout the various regions and in a more detailed way.

18 February 2014
Cover Extreme events
Insurances for developing countries

These teaching materials provide school pupils with the chance to work independently through the thematic complex surrounding climate change and weather-related climatic events.

04 October 2013
Cover: Good for the climate
Everyday life tips for saving our climate

The handy leaflet offers useful tips and tricks for changing your lifestyle to a more climate friendly one. It provides ideas for different areas: mobility, living, consumption, nutrition, investment and last but not least political involvement.

19 April 2013
Cover Conference Report

The Dialogue on Transformation Conference highlighted multiple strategic approaches including grassroots, international, regional and national perspectives to engage with policy processes and build momentum for the needed transformation towards a just society characterised by access to sustainable energy and the right to food in the context of planetary boundaries.

15 June 2012
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Call for scripts for producing a short video clip

On the occasion of our international NGO-dialog project “NGO Strategy Dialogue on Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Food Security towards the Great Transformation - NGO SEAT” with an international conference attended by 150 international experts from all over the world (Bonn, 1-4 November 2012) we announce a competition for the best script on the topic of the Great Transformation. If you think you have an extraordinarily unique, amazingly original, and at the same time well-founded, intelligent and entertaining script idea in your mind – send it to us!


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