Empowerment for Climate Leadership

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The Empowerment for Climate Leadership shall give opportunities for young participants to learn both – European and Southern perspectives on climate protection, climate policy and sustainable development.

New Project "Empowerment for Climate Leadership" started

Our new project Empowerment for Climate Leadership started this year and we are very happy to present to you the “Climate Resilience and Sustainability Young Leaders Training Course 2017/2018”, implemented by CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch, which started 1st of August. The goal is to empower young activists from Tanzania and Germany and to create an international exchange about climate protection and sustainable development.
On this page you will learn and read more about the project and the experiences of the participants.

About the PROJECT

The Empowerment for Climate Leadership (ECL) shall give opportunities for young participants to learn both – European and Southern perspectives on climate protection, climate policy and sustainable development. The project overarching goal is to strengthen civil society actors in education and advocacy on climate resilience and to contribute to planning and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process at the local and national levels; eventually also at the international level. In addition to that, the participants will be strengthened in their knowledge about the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement as well as sustainable and social commitment.

About the COURSE

Throughout the “Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Young Leaders Training Course 2017/2018” training process, participants will stay in regular online contact with a partner from the other country. Selected youth participants will have the opportunity to meet each other for three weeks in Bonn during the UN climate conference COP23 in November. Towards the end of the project all participants, from Tanzania and Germany, will meet again in Tanzania in June 2018.

The aim of the programme is to provide opportunities to discuss questions referring to sustainable development, equity, sustainable lifestyles for a global middle-class and to work out private and political options for action. Further topics will include the global climate crisis, international climate process and policy, national/regional strategies of sustainability, intercultural learning, networking and communication, political framing, energy and water sector transitions and how to secure the sustainable world we want.

Who is TAKING PART in the project?

The whole project receives support from an international advisory board including WESSA South AfricaCEE INDIA and ESD expert.net Germany together with the main project partners CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch. 24 Young activists aged 20 to 30 who are already involved with civil or youth organisations are the main actors for creating an effective exchange. Together with our colleagues at CAN Tanzania we are excited to accompany our participants in their exchange experience and we hope to create a great intercultural experience for all.

Real name

Policy Advisor - Education for Sustainable Development
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Real name

Team Leader - Education for Sustainable Development, Promoter for Climate & Development in North Rhine-Westphalia
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