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The Case of Huaraz
The case of Huaraz points to the major responsibility of large energy companies
The Peruvian farmer and mountain guide Saúl Luciano Lliuya has filed a lawsuit against RWE. Due to climate-change induced glacial retreat, a devastating flood disaster threatens Saúl’s house and large parts of the Andean city of Huaraz where up to 50,000 people could be affected.
The energy company RWE, the largest CO2emitter in Europe, is responsible for about one half percent of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions since the beginning of industrialisation. Saúl Luciano Lliuya demands that the company pays 0.5% of the costs for the necessary protection measures in Peru.
This legal case is the first of its kind in European courts. It has already been an important step towards new legal mechanisms for people affected by climate change as leverage for political solutions.

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