Meldung | 17/11/2015 - 15:48


Sustainability Development Goals and Education for Sustainablity
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Germanwatch and participants from the Engagement Global NRW/Germanwatch Reverse Programme invite you to a discussion on similar and different approaches towards the implementation of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by improving the utilization and understanding of Education for Sustainability (ESD). ESD-approaches from different continents will be presented and discussed. We will also create a space for active learning and networking. We hope that a better understanding of different approaches will lead to improved south north understanding, better ESD work in general and that it will pave the way for better project cooperation - opening another door for solidarity and global responsibility.

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Germanwatch e.V. (Dr. Werner-Schuster-Haus)

Germanwatch Sitzungssaal

Kaiserstraße 201

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  • Stefan Rostock, Team Leader - Education for Sustainable Development, Promoter for Climate & Development in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Laura Goldschmitt, Team Education for Sustainable Development
  • Anna Dördelmann, Team Education for Sustainable Development

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