Im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen verhandelt die Weltgemeinschaft über ihr Regelwerk zu Klimaschutz und Anpassung. Germanwatch beobachtet und unterstützt aktiv diesen Verhandlungsprozess, bei dem nicht nur die Hauptverursacher, sondern auch die betroffensten Staaten eine Stimme haben.


Cover: Similar stories, different narrators

Similar stories, different narrators

Talk together: G20 UNFCCC process related to loss and damage

Natural catastrophes, many of which are directly or indirectly expedited by climate change, take a heavy toll on people and economies. In 2011 a record high in economic damage was reached, with an estimated loss of more than US$350 billion. The human toll is... >> mehr
Cover Different Tales

Different Tales from Different Countries

A First Assessment of the OECD "Adaptation Marker"

In response to the launch of the OECD "Adaptation Marker" in 2010 and the first complete Creditor Reporting System dataset published in March 2012, this paper ex-amines the credibility of the marker. Our assessment reveals that far less projects than the donor countries reported are in fact relevant to what can be considered climate change adaptation. >> mehr
Cover: LD Slow Onset Impact

Loss & Damage: The theme of slow onset impact

This policy briefing sets out a number of the issues relating to the slow onset portion of the climate change loss and damage agenda. It is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of this new and sometimes complex subject. Instead, it should serve to introduce the concept of loss and damage related to slow onset climate change hazards and provide sign posts to guide further investigation of the subject – in particular for those institutions, experts and country representatives participating in the current work programme on loss and damage under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). >> mehr
Cover: LD Framing the debate

Framing the Loss and Damage debate

A conversation starter by the Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative, Advance version

This document outlines initial thoughts by the ‘Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative’ to provide some conceptual and framing input into the loss and damage negotiations under the UNFCCC. Given both the preliminary nature of these discussions and the complexity of the issue of loss and damage, a precise definition may not be necessary and in fact may even be counter-productive at this early stage. Instead at this point in the discussion it may be more useful provide a spectrum of relevant scientific and policy perspectives and areas of expertise in an attempt to inform ongoing dialogue. >> mehr
Cover: Brochure Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative

Adverse Impacts of Climate Change

The Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative is focussing on: Building an understanding of the scope and significance of loss and damage associated with the adverse impacts of climate change; Developing and co-creating an approach and vision for loss and damage among decision makers and relevant stakeholders; Assisting least developed countries (LDCs) and other vulnerable countries to develop a coherent approach to the loss and damage debate; Identifying and beginning to take the steps needed to support a paradigm shift on loss and damage in the coming years. >> mehr
Cover: LD Gauging Solutions

Gauging solutions for climate loss and damage in Africa

Key discussion and way forward from UNFCCC loss and damage meeting in Addis 13-15th of June

Loss and damage from climate change impacts is the major theme of the adaptation negotiation in 2012. >> mehr
Cover Briefing Paper Durban

An Insufficient Breakthrough

Summary of the Climate Summit in Durban (COP17)

The expectations towards the UN climate summit in Durban were low. This briefing paper analyses and assesses key discussions and results of the climate summit in Durban and considers next steps. >> mehr
Deckblatt: Global Climate Risk Index 2012

Global Climate Risk Index 2012

Who suffers most from extreme weather events? Weather-related loss events in 2010 and 1991 to 2010

As in previous years, the Global Climate Risk Index 2012 analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.). The most recent available data from 2010 as well as for the period 1991-2010 were taken into account. >> mehr

International action on adaptation and climate change: What roads from Copenhagen to Cancún?

Adaptation to the (uncertain) adverse impacts of climate change increasingly becomes a necessity across the globe. This is not for its own sake, but to ensure that sustainable development will be possible, that investments into poverty reduction, food and water security and health will not be undone and that progress achieved towards the Millennium Development Goals will not be reversed. >> mehr

Substanz oder Greenwash-Show? Die Zeit für Halbheiten ist vorbei

  >> Download als PDF-Datei [PDF, 600 KB] >> englische Fassung   Kurzzusammenfassung Wenige Tage vor dem Klimagipfel von Kopenhagen ist noch unklar, wieviel Substanz, wieviel Show er bringen wird. Die Regierungschefs stehen vor einer Entscheidung… >> mehr