Im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen verhandelt die Weltgemeinschaft über ihr Regelwerk zu Klimaschutz und Anpassung. Germanwatch beobachtet und unterstützt aktiv diesen Verhandlungsprozess, bei dem nicht nur die Hauptverursacher, sondern auch die betroffensten Staaten eine Stimme haben.


Cover CDKN GCF paradigm shift

How can the Green Climate Fund initiate a paradigm shift?

CDKN Policy Brief - October 2013

World leaders and governments paved the way for the establishment of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreements made at the Conference of Parties (COPs) in Copenhagen (2009) and Cancún (2010). The objective of the Green Climate Fund is to achieve a paradigm shift towards low-carbon and climateresilient development pathways. This requires ambition, in the design of funded activities and in the provision of financial resources to the GCF. >> mehr
Cover AC#4

AC#4 - Set the Adaptation Committee on a strategic path

A Germanwatch pre-sessional briefing on the AC ́s fourth meeting (5th to 7th of September 2013)

The Adaptation Committee (AC) is the UNFCCC´s key adaptation body aiming to increase the coherence and promote coordination on matters related to adaptation. The AC is set to meet for the fourth time from 5th to 7th of September in Nadi, Fiji. This briefing note aims to give background input on the different agenda items under discussions. >> mehr
Cover CFAS Briefing

Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) - Daily Briefings from the Standing Committee on Finance (August 2013)

This is the Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) Daily Briefing. Produced at key meetings and negotiations by the CFAS expert team, the Daily Briefings try to provide a concise, informative update on key discussions that have taken place during each day of discussions and substantive points of action or progress. Please note that this is an independent summary by CFAS and not officially mandated by the UNFCCC. >> mehr
Cover Policy Brief GCF

Enhancing direct access to the Green Climate Fund

This policy brief, prepared in the context of the Climate Finance Advisory Service (cdkn.org/cfas), discussed options and important aspects for enhancing direct access in the Green Climate Fund. Key messages include ... >> mehr
Cover Short-Term Ambition

Short-Term Mitigation Ambition Pre-2020

Opportunities to Close the Emissions Gap

At the UN climate negotiations in Durban (2011), UNFCCC Parties essentially agreed to negotiate a legally binding framework until 2015, including emissions mitigation obligations for all countries from 2020 onwards. In addition, they agreed to keep global temperature rise below 2 °C and to close the ambition gap before 2020. Hence it is not enough to concentrate on post-2020 action. >> mehr
Cover AC Outcome

3rd meeting of the Adaptation Committee: On con-solid-ated grounds?

From 18 to 20 June the Adaptation Committee (AC) met for the third time. The meeting took place in Bonn, back-to-back with the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF). This very much owed to the fact that the issue of coherence of adaptation-related matters under the Convention and collaboration with adaptation-relevant bodies and institutional arrangements was key on the agenda of the AC. >> mehr
Cover Adaptation Committee 3

Adaptation Committee #3

A Germanwatch pre-sessional briefing on the AC ́S third meeting (18th to 20th of June, 2013)

The Adaptation Committee is the UNFCCC´s key adaptation body aiming to increase the coherence and promote coordination on matters related to adaptation. At its third meeting (18 to 20 June, 2013) the AC has to deal with a number of agenda items. This briefing paper provides background to the issues discussed, mostly based on the Secretariat´s preparatory documents, but with additional analyses and comments provided by Germanwatch. >> mehr
Cover AF Case Studies en

Independent insights from vulnerable developing countries

Making the Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable

This publication summarises the state of play in the Adaptation Fund and the key experiences of members of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network, at international policy level as well as within developing countries. >> mehr
Cover CCPI 2013 Results
3. December 2012

High Emissions - Low Ambitions

Germanwatch's Climate Change Performance Index published at Doha's climate talks

In a time of heavily increasing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel investments, the light at the end of the tunnel cannot yet be seen. The eighth annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), which was published at the Doha climate talks today by Germanwatch and the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, ranks the climate protection performance of the 58 highest emitters worldwide. For the first time, the index used deforestation data, which resulted in a rankings drop of countries with high forest emissions such as Brazil and Indonesia. Once again, no country made it into the first three spots on the list due to a lack of ambition to reach the goal of keeping global warming below 2 degree Celsius. >> mehr
Cover CRI 2013

Global Climate Risk Index 2013

Who suffers most from extreme weather events? Weather-related loss events in 2011 and 1992 to 2011

The Global Climate Risk Index 2013 analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.). The most recent available data from 2011 as well as for the period 1992-2011 were taken into account. >> mehr