27 January 2020
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The main objective of the LIFE funded project "UNIFY: Bringing the EU together on Climate Action" is to facilitate the effective and early transition of EU Member States to low-carbon and resilient economies.

The consortium partners of the project are focusing on three key policy processes:
1. the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP)
2. the national and long-term climate strategies (Long Term Strategy - LTS)
3. the EU budget (Multiannual Financial Frame - MFF)

16 March 2019
Cover Blockchain. Opportunities and threats for the energy transition

The following background paper explains how the blockchain technology works and shows the fields in which it might be applied as well as the opportunities blockchain might provide. Furthermore, it highlights the threats posed by blockchain and the areas in which the technology requires further development. Anyone aiming at making a significant political, economic or technological contribution to this future topic should start addressing blockchain now.

09 December 2015
Unternehmenserklärung, B.A.U.M. Germanwatch Stiftung 2°
Paris Climate Agreement Business Declaration

[Unauthorised translation of the German original:]
The conference in Paris has impressively confirmed the growing international consensus that was last demonstrated at the 2015 G7 summit in Germany. Governments around the world are now serious about taking decisive action well before the end of the century to phase out fossil fuels in accordance with the findings of climate science. We welcome the clear commitment made by large industrial countries to undertake the necessary transformation of their energy systems by the middle of the century. This undertaking is now more feasible than ever thanks to declining costs for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

07 February 2013
Bild Logos Unternehmensdeklaration
Declaration by Alstom Deutschland AG, Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH, EnBW AG, E.ON SE, Otto GmbH & Co KG, Puma SE in cooperation with Germanwatch e.V.

Today, Germanwatch and six big German and European companies published a declaration in which they call on the German government to support the quick and long-term fix of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). The declaration, signed by Alstom, EnBW, E.ON, Otto, Puma, Shell, and Germanwatch, demands to enhance security for low-carbon investments done and planned. Low prices for CO2 are like posion for them. They therefore urge the German government to act.