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Bild: Germanwatch Pressemitteilung
29. November 2011

Pakistan and Guatemala mostly hit by weather extremes in 2010

Germanwatch presents Global Climate Risk Index at UN climate conference in Durban

While the UN climate summit at Durban has started under the impression of severe local thunderstorms, the climate and development organization Germanwatch publishes its Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) for the seventh time. The index focuses on countries especially affected by weather extremes such as floodings and storms in 2010 and during the past twenty years. The Global Climate Risk Index is based on data collected in the worldwide renowned database at MunichRe. >> mehr
Cover: Discussion Paper EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Reporting on the Use of Auctioning Revenues of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Suggestions on Reporting Requirements with a Focus on those Potentially Used for International Climate Finance

This Discussion Paper addresses the question of reporting guidelines for the use of auctioning revenues of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). It reflects upon the relevant legal documents and suggests categories which should be reported upon. >> mehr

Einbezug des Flugverkehrs in das Europäische Emissionshandelssystem. Durchführbarkeit, Politikbestrebungen und Positionen

Sven Harmeling und Doreen Kubek September 2006 >> Download als PDF-Datei [300 KB]   Kurzzusammenfassung: Der Einbezug des Flugverkehrs in das europäische Emissionshandelssystem wird derzeit intensiv als Instrument diskutiert, das die wachsenden Klimawirkungen des Flugverkehrs beschränken… >> mehr