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Climate summit in Bali: Starting point for decisive steps towards a low-emission model of prosperity?

A groundbreaking post-2012 agreement must be clinched until 2009

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Brief Summary

At the Climate Summit in Bali in December 2007, a UN negotiation process will be initiated which should be terminated by 2009. With this process, fundamental decisions with important implications for the future of our planet will be made. Are we heading for an uncontrollable large-scale experiment with man and nature? For a climate apartheid, in which high-emission prosperity will be the privilege of a global minority? For a global climate partnership which will develop a fair strategy to fight highly dangerous climate change and to share the burden of adaptation? Or for the attempt to control Planet Earth by the means of geo-engineering?

In this paper Germanwatch specifies the demands on the Climate Summit in Bali assuming that it should serve as the starting point of a global climate partnership. Moreover, the central points of a groundbreaking agreement that should be negotiated by 2009 are put up for discussion.

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last updated 29 Nov 2007