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Cover Sea level rise

Worksheets: Sea level rise

Consequences for coastal and lowland areas: Bangladesh and the Netherlands

With this teaching module, the school pupils are given the opportunity to compare and look at the effects of the phenomenon of climate change both in an industrialised and in a developing country. >> mehr
Cover Tuvalu

Worksheets: Going under!

The threat of rising sea levels for the small island nation of Tuvalu

Using a specific case study, pupils learn about the direct consequences of climate change for the inhabitants of a Pacific island state. The teaching module provides general information about climate change as well as looking at an entirely different perspective. >> mehr
Cover Rainforests

Worksheets: The threat to tropical rainforests and international climate protection

The lesson modules below address an issue which will already be known to pupils from the lower secondary grades. Tropical rainforests play an important role time and again – and not only in geography lessons. >> mehr
Cover Food security

Worksheets: Climate change and food security

Trends and key challenges

The materials presented here give pupils the opportunity to work through the links between the areas of food security and global climate change. These connections, intensifying as they are in a world of increasing globalisation and constant change, are examined throughout the various regions and in a more detailed way. >> mehr
Cover Extreme events

Worksheets: Extreme events and climate change

Insurances for developing countries

These teaching materials provide school pupils with the chance to work independently through the thematic complex surrounding climate change and weather-related climatic events. >> mehr
Cover Livestock and food security

Livestock production and food security in a context of climate change, and environmental and health challenges

Our analysis has shown that, to optimize the interrelationship between soil, climate and cattle and maximize the latter‘s contribution to global food security, the following steps need to be taken... >> mehr
Cover PP Public Participation

Recommendations on Transparency and Public Participation in the Context of Electricity Transmission Lines

This position paper by Germanwatch develops specific recommendations to the issue of public participation in the context of electricity transmission power lines. Public participation has become more and more important in policy making during the past years. Policy makers have reacted to the urgent need to enhance public participation in the field of power grids. New laws in this context, for example in Germany or at the European level, demonstrate this approach. >> mehr
Cover MENA Position Paper

MENA Civil Society Position Paper

for the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Energy, 11th December 2013, Brussels

Civil society organizations dealing with the environment and renewable energy in the MENA region want to cooperate on the protection of the climate and get engaged in the political decision-making processes of promoting renewable energy in the MENA region. Therefore 23 NGOs, particularily from the MENA region, agreed on the attached position paper which will be submitted for the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Energy aiming to adopt the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) in Brussels in December 2013. >> mehr
Cover Monitoring Climate Action

Monitoring Climate Action

Developing a comprehensive approach to monitoring climate change action for funds

Monitoring, reporting and verification of climate finance provided and the funded activities has grown in importance during the last years. Therefore, a consortium of Germanwatch, Ecofys and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy has developed for the German Federal Environment Agency a proposal for a potential monitoring and reporting system for a bilateral climate funds. >> mehr
Cover Analysis COP 19

2013 Climate Summit: An Island of Incremental Steps in an Ocean of Low Ambition

The need to construct climate policy beyond UNFCCC to keep ambitious 2015 agreement within reach

The 19th Conference of the Parties (COP 19) to the United Nations Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Warsaw from November 11 to 23 resulted in decisions that provide the minimum needed at this point on the way to the new global climate agreement, but leave many central questions unanswered. >> mehr


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